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legit Louis Vuitton items always have a date code

fake louie vuitton

My friend, I recently made a purchase for myself and was disappointed to learn that it was a fake Louis Vuitton! It’s so frustrating and upsetting to know that I wasted my hard-earned money. Not only did I lose the money, but I also felt embarrassed that I was taken advantage of. I mean, I did do my due diligence, but it still didn’t prove to be enough.

The thing with these replicas is, they look exactly like the real deal—from the logo to the hardware and the stitching. Literally, the only way to tell them apart is through the price tag — and even then, some of these companies are trying to pass them off as real too. It’s maddening knowing that these companies are getting away with it.

When I showed my “LV” item to a few people, everyone including myself thought it was real. I felt so silly when I had to sheepishly admit that it wasn’t the real deal. I suppose I shouldn’t have been too surprised, as Louis Vuitton is a high-end designer brand and knock-offs are inevitable. The cost of luxury goods doesn’t mean there are no scammers out there trying to make a quick buck.

To be sure, I checked out the picture-perfect item I received, searching for any signs that it wasn’t authentic. It still looked exactly the same as a piece of genuine Louis Vuitton would look like. I was quite perplexed and finally, I had to compare it with an actual Louis Vuitton item to determine the truth. That’s when I knew; I had unknowingly purchased a fake.

The idea of being tricked out of my money really bothered me. I immediately questioned how the seller was able to pass it off as the real thing. After some investigating, I discovered that they had used some sort of intricate methods to make it seem like it was authentic. I wish I had been more careful but unfortunately, it’s too late now.

I’ve definitely learned my lesson and won’t be falling for the same trap again. I’m more cautious and take extra measures to make sure that I’m purchasing a genuine product from a legitimate company. On top of that, I now make sure to check for reviews before purchasing anything.

I wanted to take a stand for all the other people out there who have been duped into buying fake Louis Vuitton, so I wrote a review about my horrible shopping experience. Writing about it motivated me to do the same for all the other brands that have fake merchandise, which could help to prevent anyone else from falling victim to the same problem.

Another thing I realized is that the ‘Louie crimes’ do more than just hurt the buyers who are taken advantage of— it hurts Louis[……]

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